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  1. Canopy

    40 x 20 custom engineered, lightweight, heavy-duty Canopy with grommets, rain gutter and RoofUmbrella logos.
  2. Canopy Bungee Kit (Includes 8)

    Bungees are used to secure Canopy to Bases when lowering the Canopy. Bungees are also used to secure the Ladder to the Ladder Dock.
  3. Canopy Cam Straps (Includes 3)

    Canopy Cam Straps are used to adjust Canopy tension.
  4. Canopy Carry Bag

    Canopy Carry Bag with RoofUmbrella logo is used for storing and carrying RoofUmbrella Canopy.
  5. Canopy Pin Kit (Includes 3)

    Canopy pins are inserted into top of Posts to connect Canopy using the grommets. Tether and cotter pin secure Canopy Pin.
  6. Dual-Grommet Load Cables (Includes 3)

    Dual-Grommet Load Cables are attached to two grommets on Canopy, at ridge Posts, to distribute tension load.
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6 Item(s)